Precise GNSS correction data via digital broadcasting

For precise spatial referencing, modern digitalisation and automation applications in agriculture and the automotive industry need continuous, highly accurate GNSS position information in real time. GNSS correction data required for this is typically transmitted to the users via mobile internet. Due to dead spots, the corrections are often not available to users over a wide area. The parallel provision of GNSS correction data via digital broadcasting DAB+ should remedy the situation. In the ESA project "SSRoverDAB+", four partners from industry and science are developed software and system solutions for the transmission of precise GNSS correction data via DAB+. The Alberding A10-RTK sensor was used in the project as a development and demonstration platform.

The project was successfully completed in June 2023 with a presentation of the of the project results to the funding agency and an interested audience. On the following pages you will find useful information about the project objectives, tasks and project results.


Project coordinator:
Jürgen Alberding
Alberding GmbH
Ludwig-Witthöft-Straße 14, 15745 Wildau
+49 3375 25198-00